Action speaks louder than words

Action speaks louder than words

Children have their own ways of expressing feelings. The question is are we prepared to “Listen” and “See” them as it happens. It is unfortunate that we expect them to react in a manner that we understand and appreciate.

The new academic year always bring with it a bag full of surprises. When the child return to the house of children after a break some behavioral changes are expected.

A child probably being disturbed from his routine of playing at home all the time during holidays came into our house. Looking at his disturbed state I decided to have a small interaction with him and knelt down to speak with him. His disturbance was so much that he started hitting me and just refused to make a conversation. I held his hand and with a stern voice communicated clearly that hitting is not allowed and will not be accepted. If his parents were around this act of his they would have forced him to apologize by saying the magic words, “Sorry”. However I did not prompt / force the child to say sorry, not because it was not required, but because we believe it should come from within the child. The child continued into his environment and I got back to my work.

Just after 10min, the same child sends a word through the adult incharge of the environment that he needs to see me. I go to the environment and as usual knelt down to hear what he had to say….. (wait…. don’t rush in… the child did not say “Sorry”). The child comes closer to me and gives me a good tight hug, holds it for some time, let’s go and returns to his work.

I had no words to say and still have no words to express the feeling that I went through at that instant of time. I just wondered could there have been a better way to say “sorry” ? This sorry was driven from within the child and not imposed on him. Children keep teaching us are we listening and hearing is the question.

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