Mrs. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan

Mrs. Sivaramakrishnan has been ceaselessly working at promoting the Montessori method of education in India for the past four decades. She is an acclaimed authority on the Montessori method, and does not believe in diluting the Montessori philosophy in any manner. The courses she conducts strictly adhere to the Montessori principles. Her commitment to the Montessori ideology is total. She has trained hundreds of Montessori adults over the years. In fact many of her students have established Montessori Houses of Children which are spread all over the country. They work in other countries also.

Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan was drawn into the Montessori Movement in 1964 after her graduation The principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori had touched her heart and she has been working for the Movement since then.

During these years Meenakshi qualified herself to become trainer of trainers having attended training course in Los Angeles..The work in the Indian Montessori Training Courses continues even today.

She was invited to be a member of the Association Montessori Internationale started by Dr. Montessori herself) and she served on the Board for three terms representing India and Asia. AMI applauds her involvement in Montessori work.

The Indian Montessori Centre was formed with her efforts and the organization has grown spreading its wings in different directions. She supports it in every manner possible.

Her involvement in the Montessori Movement includes conducting training courses training Directors of training, writing articles, translation of Montessori books, conducting seminars, conferences, advising persons to start Houses of children and giving talks on Montessori in other organizations. Her other interests are music, hand work of various sorts, histrionics and books. She participates in the activities of the Sri Ramakrishna and Sharada Maths.

Her skills in writing have been honed by her knowledge of several Indian Languages including Sanskrit.

Mrs. Sivaramakrishnan graduated with a BA from the prestigious Benares Hindu University. She obtained the AMI Diploma (primary) and the AMI Trainers Certificate from the Association Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam, Holland.

It is her happy and friendly attitude to life that has prompted us to include her in our Board of Adivsors

Mrs.Geetha S.Nityananda

Geetha S.Nityananda was educated at the University of Madras and holds a Diploma of the Association Montessori Internationale.

Career Highlights:

• With Head Start Montessori House of Children, Bangalore for 22 years. Was one of the major forces behind its growth into a leading Montessori institution with over 400 children. Planned and designed the academic program, ensuring the holistic development of each child. Pioneered a program of Inclusive Education for children with special needs. This program has won recognition as a unique initiative among Montessori educators in Bangalore.

• Currently a consultant and advisor to several educational institutions based on the Montessori Method. Assists administrators in setting up and running Montessori programs, guides trained teachers on classroom strategy, advises parents on parenting skills and resolution of child-specific problems. Currently working with a number of schools in Bangalore and other centres.

• An Invited Speaker on the Montessori Method and Inclusive Education. She has addressed diverse gatherings at seminars and workshops organized by the Indian Montessori Training Centre, the Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Children, the Spastics Society, the CBR Network, and numerous independent Montessori Houses of Children.

• Guest Lecturer on the Montessori Method and Transitioning from Theory to Teaching. Has addressed trainees at classes held by the Indian Montessori Training Centre, and also delivered seminars at the Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Children.( KPAMRC)

• Member Board of Studies of the Indian Montessori Centre, Bangalore and Chennai.Oversees their training programs. Official examiner at the Indian Montessori Training Centre’s final examinations and viva voce.

• Member Central Governing Council of the Indian Montessori Centre

Other accomplishments:

Guest lecturer and Examiner at the Indian Montessori Training Centre and the Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Children. Speaker on inclusive education at seminars organized by several organizations including the Spastics Society, Bangalore and CBR Network. Active participant in workshops on inclusive education.

Has also spoken frequently on parenting skills to varied audiences.

Apart from her interests in education, Geetha has been an active counsellor and enjoys travelling, reading, music and spending time with her grandchildren.

Mr.Anantha Padmanabha

P. Anantha Padmanabha completed the Montessori diploma in 2000 and has been actively involved since then in several activities of the IMC. He has fallen in love with the Montessori method and is serving children through his own House of Children. He has been in the field of early childhood education for almost a decade and loves to be a part of the Montessori movement.

Anantha Padmanabha is currently the administrator of the fourth Indian Montessori Training Course – Bangalore South.