Reward : From A Child’s Perspective

Reward : From A Child’s Perspective

Reward is always considered necessary for adult to perform any activity. The result from a process is also a form of reward. Children teach us something so profound that it makes us look at this aspect from a different perspective

The following is a narration that happened at our house of children between the adult and the child

Situation : Three children are working with an adult. Two of them do not perform the activity to its precession, request the adult to put stars on their hand as a reward to the attempt made by them. The Adult does so irrespective of the correctness of the activity as is followed in Growing Wonders. The third child has done the activity with precision in all aspects and does not ask for a star.

Third Child’s Interaction:

Child : “Aunty, do you know why I do not want a star on my hand ? “

Adult : “I do not know, can you please tell me”

Child : ” My friends could not do the activity properly, they were feeling bad about it, to make themselves feel happy they wanted to have the star”

Child : continues…. ” I have done the activity and I am happy and hence do not need the star”

This child just taught us that it is not the reward but the feeling of happiness while doing a activity is more important.

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