Abhyaas Montessori House of Children.

It is not by mere coincidence that people with similar thoughts get together. We firmly believe that this bringing together has a higher purpose to be achieved.

The world is the way it is because of the method of education we have chosen to give the next generation. If we have to take some responsibility to ensure a better future then the only way (in our opinion) is to appropriately change the method, which is focused on education and just not academic excellence. By Education we mean to encompass “a way of living”.

Montessori method is inspiring for the approach it takes to educate young minds. With focus on self-reliance, self-discipline, care for the environment, social skills and competition with oneself the method just surpasses other traditional methods of academic excellence.

The fact remains that the cost of establishing, operating and maintaining such a Montessori house of children is high and thus making it available only to a section of children. As Montessorians it then becomes our responsibility to explore other ways of ensuring that the method reaches the child to whom we can make a difference. “Abhyaas” is an effort in this direction. The project is aimed at providing FREE Montessori education to children of economically challenged parents.

Abhyaas being is a free venture we have found it appropriate to have some basic check measures to ensure that only the absolute deserving children get the benefit. The adult will visit the house of the child; this activity is referred to as “Samparka”. On visiting the house the adult will evaluate the economic status of the parents, their interest to educate the child, what they expect from us, their participation etc. Once we have the economic support requirement evaluation done, the child is admitted. We also intend to have parent and teacher interaction at regular intervals to update the parent of the child’s development and also impress upon them the right way of parenting the child.

“Abhyaas” Montessori House of children is a joint venture of Indian Montessori Centre (Karnataka Chapter) and Growing Wonders Montessori House of children.

First Abhyaas was started in 2012 at Begur, off Hosur road, Bangalore and was in operational till the end of the academic year 2016. It had 23 children from economically challenged background. It had to be discontinued due to change of plans of the building owner.

The progress on this venture has proved that there are many individuals who have a heart to reach out to children but are just waiting for the right channel. Helping a child to be educated will not limit its influence to the child alone but undoubtedly to its entire family. This way of giving something back to the society will make a substantial difference.

We request you to take up any part in contributing to setting up and maintaining such House of Children. We appeal to building owners who can give their space for nominal rent as a support to this venture.

Write to: abhyaasmontessori@gmail.com