Mr. B.P.Suresh Kumar

With a vision to make a contribution towards the Bangalore Outdoor Landscapes, Mr.Suresh Kumar started Sujay advertising in the year 1969. Billboards in Bangalore and in the state of Karnataka were just a start. He acquired advertising rights on street light poles and at the Bangalore Airport for a period of nearly 10 years creating a launch pad for the organization. Today Sujay has reached the top spot in the outdoors and is constantly increasing its market share.

With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering from RVCE he completed his Masters from IISC. He added more credits over the years and now has MIE, MIIF, MISTE added to his qualifications. His passions towards education lead him to start off as a lecturer at RVCE, mechanical engineering and retired as the head of the department.

He is on the advisory board of many educational institutions and is actively involved in the propagation work of the community. His support and encouragement has been the foundation for the start of Growing Wonders.

Mrs. Surya Kala

Mrs. Surya kala has been the women behind the success of Mr.Suresh Kumar. She has a Masters degree in Arts. Her passion to music was so intense that she persuaded it to achieve certification. She is now a vidwath student of Carnatic Music. She has given both solo and group programs in many cultural programs.

She has been the source of inspiration for the start of Growing Wonders.

Mr. B.S.Sujay

Sujay is the managing director of Sujay Advertising which is a four decade young and dynamic outdoor adverting company. “Start small and think big” has been the driving mantra for Sujay over the years. With practice that surpasses industry standards and constant innovations in the outdoors Sujay Advertising has been the leading Out of home solution provider.

Sujay completed his schooling from the Home school then moved on to St.Josephs Indian High School to complete his board exams. He then passed out of plus 2 from Vijaya College. He did is computers science engineering from RVCE Bangalore. With a thirst to acquire more knowledge he went on to do his MBA from RMIT Australia with specialization in HR and Marketing. With High distinctions from nearly 90% of his subjects, he was considered to be the best international student at the university.

With a passion to be a part of the child education he started a Montessori House of Children called Growing Wonders. Today with 3 branches and with plans of having 7 more during this year Growing Wonders has already become a brand in the segment. He has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of Indian Montessori Centre – Karnataka Chapter (the only authorized body to recognize Montessori method in India) and has driven the chapter in a new direction.

He has done his NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) practioner program under Dr.Dick Mc Hugh, a world renound NLP trainer, the man who has created a beautiful and unique blend of spirituality and NLP. He has also done Gestalt Therapy training under the same person. Sujay has also completed NLP-K under Krish Srikanth, an outstanding coach, consultant and trainer, who was personally mentored in this field by Dr. John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP.

He understood very early that without proper alignment with the supreme, success will only be a mirage in the desert. He became a part of Alma Mater (a holistic development organization) and has been on Spiritual retreats to experience unity.

His time is invested in reading books, playing tennis and with the family.

Mrs. Padmashree Sujay

Mrs.Padmashree completed her MCom from Mount Carmel College Bangalore. During her stay in Australia she was exposed to the Montessori Approach of education and was impressed with the method. Her intention to provide a similar facility and make a difference to the pre-primary education was instrumental in starting Growing Wonders. She has completed the Montessori Training for Administrators through OMTC, which is under the auspices of Indian Montessori Centre. She is currently involved full time with children of Growing Wonders and is completely managing the chain of schools.