Van Service

Van Service

Dear Parents,

We at growing wonders strongly recommend that children be left and received from the school by parents only. Parting from the parent is one of the most difficult emotional challenges that the child will undergo and being present there at that time builds a bond in the relationship. Receiving the child also is equally important. As parents we have to invest time with the little ones and be with them at the time of their need rather than at the time of our want.

On request made by many parents we have included the Van facility and expect it to be used only as a last option to send children to school. The present van drivers are associated with the school for quite some time now and are briefed by us every year to ensure that the child travels safely and promptly to school. It also needs to be mentioned that the van facility is not attached to the school and the school does not take any responsibility in terms of charges / absenteeism / any other aspect of the van drivers. The school provides a helper to be in the van to accompany the children till they are dropped. Parents are requested to evaluate the drivers and make an informed judgment to use them. However if there is any matter of concern it shall be brought to the notice of the school administration so that necessary action can be taken in the interest of all the children.

Kindly contact the branch administrators for details of the Van facility and the contact details of the van drivers.

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