14 years of legacy with multiple branches in Bangalore

More than 2000 children who have walked as Integrated Personalities

Learner centric environment encouraging hands on activities.

Creativity finding expression in an environment of Freedom.

Recognized by Indian Montessori Center Since 2008

Awarded as the best Montessori School IN Karnataka

Mission Statement

  • To provide a happy, caring and child-centered learning environment in which young children feel secure, mature emotionally, creatively and cognitively.
  • To encourage the child’s natural desire to learn by rewarding self-expression in an atmosphere of genuine trust and warmth.
  • To provide an ideal foundation for the child to set the tone for the remainder of his academic life and to become an integrated personality.

A child who concentrates is immensely Happy

Let children be children do not try to make them an adult, I promise that they will all grow up.– Sujay
Privileged you are that life found you competent to raise another life. Enjoy with the child in all that they do.
Children learn more from SEEING than HEARING. Show children the right actions and not just teach them.– Sujay

Why Growing Wonders


“Children learn from imitation”,is the fundamental essence of Montessori education.Growing wonders pioneers the Montessori approach in its true sense. with an infrastructure that’s purpose-built,an atmosphere compatible with the home enviroment and teachers who inspire a lifetime of learning…we seek to unfold the true potential of every child.

  • Child Centric Approach
  • Trained Montessori Adults
  • Prepared Environment
  • Nurturing Multiple Intelligences
  • Teaching according to individual leaning styles
  • 1:15 Teacher Child Ratio, for individual attention
  • Field trips for Real Life Experiences
  • “FunDay” Organized Play activities

When the Hands does the mind remembers


Calendar of Events

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Van Service

We at growing wonders strongly recommend that children be left and received from the school by parents …

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With a clear intention to reach more children with the Montessori Method, Growing Wonders has set up and …

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Recognized by IMC since 2008

Join us in Building a better world for your CHILDREN through RIGHT EDUCATION